Lines in the Sand is a campaign taking place in a nameless world. The denizens of the world are generally grounded, seeing no point in naming the world until they have an actual need to differentiate between worlds. A similar concept applies to the continents: The people merely refer to them as the Western Continent and the Eastern Continent.

In this setting, the world is a fairly peaceful place. However, there are uncivilized portions, where an army of goblins may rise up against the empires of the world or a group of trolls may attack rural villages.

However, the world was not always like that. It was once a world of strife and of war. Although these battles have long since been concluded, their presence may have aftereffects lasting until the present day, like echoes moving through time itself. The world may put up a peaceful facade, but what sinister shadows really lurk beneath the surface, waiting for a chance to reach out and blanket the world in darkness everlasting?

Lines in the Sand